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About us

The Nós e Tranças brand was born in 1991 in Portugal. His first steps were with babies and children wools, which still continues to be one of its excellent products, due for quality and design. ​ At Nós e Tranças you can find a wide range of articles for special days: baptisms, first communions, parties and weddings. N&T has simple and clean design and the quality of its fabrics is undeniable. N&T invests heavily in accessories to make your looks more original and with a special touch. ​


Less clothes but more to wear is the latest bet from Nós e Tranças with its capsule wardrobe collection, a limited selection of clothing items that can be used to create several different outfits. This collection was designed for babies and children up to 2/3 years old.

Our creations

Our collections are always inspired by Antoni Gaudí's great statment "The most important requirement for an object to be considered beautiful is that it fulfills the purpose for which it was designed." We focus on the needs of the mothers of our babies and children when we create a collection. It's not enough to be beautiful, it has to be useful, versatile and fulfill its function with excellence


Hope you enjoy!

Frequent questions

1 - How can I buy at Nós e Tranças?

You can buy at Nós e tranças through our website or in our store by making an appointment from Tuesday to Thursday or just show up at our open days on Saturdays from 10.30am to 1pm. ​


2 - Does Nós e Tranças make custom clothing or adaptations?

No. Nós e Tranças has his own designs. However, you can always make your adaptations through our accessories, which use different matches to create unique pieces. We don´t make custom clothing, we just check which size is most suitable based on our measurement table. ​


3 - How far in advance should I place my order?

Ideally 2 to 3 months in advance. However you may be lucky enough to have everything for immediate delivery as we try to always to have some stock in the store.


​ 4 - Can I switch sizes if it doesn't fit?

Yes, even in our special days collection you can always switch for a size up or down if it doesn't fit. Please notify us as far in advance as possible to ensure we have the required size in stock.


​ 5 - I'm undecided on the size. Which size should I choose?

Typically , our sizes always fit larger. However, you can consult our size guide. If you still have questions, contact us via chat or email and we will do everything we can to help.

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